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Telehealth and Online Therapy

Online sessions ("telehealth") are an option for most patients. Please read the forms below for more
information and feel free to discuss any questions with me. It is the therapist responsibility to asses
whether clients are appropriate for telehealth, so this service may not be available for all clients.

Telehealth Forms: PDF
This form must be signed and returned to me before we begin any online sessions.

Telehealth is offered only by means of secure video call through the Doxy.Me platform. This platform is secure and HIPAA-compliant. I do not offer therapy or treatment by email, text, or phone.

At the time of your appointment, login at:


If you plan to use insurance (in-network or out-of-network), please confirm with your insurance provider whether telehealth for mental health/behavioral health is covered by your plan. It is the client responsibility to verify this. Any services not covered will be the client's financial responsibility and will be charged at your contracted rate.

Tips for Online Sessions:
  • You can use any device - computer, tablet, or smartphone - that has video and audio capability. Using the largest screen that you have available will improve the experience. Plan to have your device set up to minimize movement (e.g., place phone or tablet on a stand or prop up on a table, place laptop on a table or desk, not on the bed).

  • Privacy is important during sessions. Please make sure you are in a private, safe location. Shut the door to the room if possible. Consider placing a white noise machine in the hallway to muffle sound coming through door/walls.

  • The better we can see and hear each other, the better we will be able to connect and have a meaningful session. Headphones can greatly improve sound quality. Turn on adequate lighting in front of you and/or overhead. Do not sit in front of a window or light since being back-lit will make it hard for me to see your facial expression.

  • Disruption plan - If we lose our connection or are unable to connect, I will attempt to re-connect. If unable to re-connect the call, I will call or message you at the number your have provided. If unable to resume video, we will continue the session by phone. If the connection is poor during a video session (frequent freezing, breaking up, or disconnection), we can use phone for the audio portion and use the video without sound so that we can have a better conversation.

  • For play or art therapy - Plan to have art supplies available and nearby for art therapy. If there is a planned art or play activity for session, I will email supply list and handouts before session. Feel free to still suggest play or art activities that you would like to do during session, just as we would in my office. Children are welcome to use their own toys to participate in play during session, as long as they are able to remain engaged and share the experience. We can also explore ways to engage in play or art through digital/virtual means during session.

  • For children - Parents should help their child get setup and be present for the beginning of the session so that we can all check-in together. If your child will be having an individual session after the check-in, please help them to have privacy and set them up in a room where the doors can be closed. I will likely as the child to go get your for the end of session or you can plan to return to the room at a pre-determined time. Do not monitor or record sessions. Ask siblings and other family members to not interrupt. Having fidget toys available can help kids stay focused for longer.

Telehealth Activity Menu for Kids:

This PDF menu of session choices has been created so that kids (and teens) can visually see and choose some of their session activities. I will often split the session time with some structured activity or discussion and some time for the child/teen to choose what we do. It may not be quite the same as being in the office together, but we can still have play and art in our sessions.

You are welcome to explore this menu with your child before session or have it pulled up for them to see during their session.

Therapy Menu.png
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