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When you are facing challenges in your life, it can be helpful to have someone to provide support and guidance.

Are you a parent who is concerned about your child's behavior?

Does your child seem angry, sad, or worried?

Is your family facing a crisis or major life changes?

It can be frightening and overwhelming when your child is struggling.  You may feel frustrated as a parent that your child's behavior seems out of control. 

Therapy provides a safe environment where parents and children can receive support, begin to make changes in their lives, uncover strengths, and learn new ways to resolve problems.  As a parent, you can develop a more positive relationship with your child, improve communication, and learn more effective discipline.


Therapy can help children and teens to express their feelings, handle problems more effectively, build positive coping skills, and heal from difficult life events. ​

Through effective psychotherapy approaches, such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, EMDR, Art Therapy and Play Therapy, I can help you and your family to feel happy, more connected with one another, and in control of your life.


Call or email me today to schedule an appointment or a free initial consultation. 


I look forward to speaking with you!



13706 N Hwy 183, Ste 114
Austin, TX  78750
Phone: 512.660.7279

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